Men have more neurons, but the brain of women is more effective

Males have brains 10% larger. This difference does not make them smarter, but better targeted aid.

Men have more neurons, but the brain of women is more effective

Every man is born with a compass in the brain. A study reveals that the human brain is 10% higher than the female brain. This translates into 16% more neurons in them, but this does not make them more intelligent.

"Man has more neurons devoted to spatial reasoning. The brain of them is more efficient, requires less enegía and is better for verbal tasks, "says Miguel Burgaleta psychologist, professor at the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, author of the study.

They have more neural connections that allow them to do several things at once. They have smaller brains but is more efficient, uses less energy and white matter connections is more compact.

And this is genetic evolution. Must go back to the early versions of "homo" when he went out hunting, developing part of your brain to be in the environment, do not miss location and devise strategies.

The neuronal density of women are facilitates express their emotions, understand the power nonverbal communication and empathy with others. These attitudes were developed by mothers Paleolithic.

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