FRAME (Facial Reactions Analysis for Marketing Empowerment)

ENBM - Neurona HomepageENBM tackles limitations of traditional research methods of consumers emotional responses providing Facial Responses Analysis (FRAME) to objectively extract emotions from “live” or pre-recorded video streams. With FRAME we are measuring emotional responses to stimuli, shown in a form of Microexpressions.

These are:

  • Nonvoluntary facial movements lasting less than 1/5 of a second and a display of one or a combination of forty-three distinct muscle movements.
  • Universal: within and across cultures, “hardwired” into our lymbic brain.
  • Spontaneous: the face is the only place in the body where muscles are attached right to the skin – real time data.

Using special Coding and Annotation programs at NBM we can determine emotional responses of consumers to any given stimuli.

Facial Responses Analysis for Marketing Empowerment