NeuroKPI Diagnostics

ENBM - NeuroKPI Diagnostics.These three methods (Brain, Heart, Hands) can be used jointly in which we call the NeuroKPI Diagnostic. Thus, in a same session, we simultaneously measure the subjects interaction with a communications, content, point of sales, webpages, products, flavours. This permits us to measure the main neuro-biological reactions that generate stimuli in the key points of the body, and to evaluate the efficacy of the stimulus while considering all the main emotional and mental effects that are caused in the subject. It is a key advantage to reach and distinguish between the subconscious emotions caused.

Arousal Neurobiological index of the excitement or activation
Enjoyment Neurobiological index of the emotional valence
Emotional Mean of emotional values
Rational Mean of rational values
Audio/Video Difference between auditory and visual cortex activity
Memory Mean probability of short and long term storage
Focus Attention and cognitive process
Engagement Index of mirror neurons activity
KPI Composed index of the neurobiological efficacy

NeuroKPI Diagnostics - Emotional and cognitive neurobiological measuring.We analyze the effectiveness of stimulus, advertise, web page or point of sale, second by second, through emotional and cognitive neurobiological measuring.